Our History

The Beginning:

Singapore Virtual Airline was initially started by Transport Hub in February 2018, alongside Andrew and Mathew, in hopes to create a community of VA pilots who share a passion for Singapore Airlines and the southeast Asian region. It took about 2 months from the initial proposal to final IFVARB approval.

On April 23, 2018, Singapore Virtual Airlines officially opened to the IFC community and was quickly able to establish itself as one of the fastest growing VAs at the time. Singapore Virtual was able to quickly grow into a professional and enjoyable environment for over 50 SVA pilots!

An Established VA

After Singapore Virtual established itself as a well known Virtual Airline in the IFC community, the goal of SVA shifted to focus on quality and constant innovation. Under the guidance of the executive team, Singapore Virtual grew to be a constant innovator by becoming the founding member of Star Virtual Alliance(2018), releasing SQ Rewards, announcing Singapore Centuries/Cargo/Style, and starting our first weekly-event series.

Since the beginning, Singapore Virtual continued to grow to become one of the leading virtual airlines in the IFC community and boasts a proud 90+ pilots and 12,000+ flight hours.

Singapore VA Today

Today, Singapore Virtual has celebrated its one year anniversary from its initial opening to the IFC and became the first ever IFVARB VA of the month. Singapore Virtual also won Best Virtual Airline Website in the 2018 IFC community award.

On June 3, 2019 Transport_Hub, our CEO, officially resigned to let Mathew, Andrew, and Jack take over as a board of directors.

In March 2021, the Board of Directors resigned and passed on the baton of leadership to Jazzmen and MQ Nguyen to run the VA.

Singapore Virtual has continued to grow and continued to innovate with them working on their next update for SVA pilots to enjoy!